"Before any child is harmed"


Our Mission

The Child Abuse Prevention Endowment (CAP) Fund for Calhoun County, Inc. exists to raise money for positive parenting activities in order to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

The CAP Fund is a 501©3 nonprofit organization and a Field of Interest Donor Advised Fund at the Battle Creek Community Foundation in Michigan.


Always an need

Despite the fact that so many people agree that child abuse and neglect is a devastating problem there is little money available for parenting programs that engage a family before a child is harmed. Our federal and state governments will never fully fund prevention efforts and the funding they do provide is often tenuous and temporary. If we want to significantly reduce the abuse and neglect that children in Calhoun County experience we must develop our own source of funding for our local programs. A need for local support for prevention programs will always exist.

Donate Now for Positive Parenting!


Donate Online, directly to the Battle Creek Community Foundation, which holds the CAP Fund. After clicking on the button below, click on the "Another Specific Fund" Tab and then type in Child Abuse Prevention. The CAP Fund's whole name should pop up.


Grants Given!

$250 Family & Children's Services - 2000  

$2,000 Network for Young Children - 2005  

$4,300 At-Risk Summer Preschool - 2010  

$2,000 Nurse Family Partnership - 2012  

$3,000 Community Fatherhood - 2012  

$8,000 Community Fatherhood  - 2015  

Total $19,500


Host a Painting Party for parenting

Paint with watercolors on a framed canvas to create a unique piece

for your home or office. Embellish the canvas with a favorite saying, beads, glitter or whatever you like! You supply the place and people. We will provide the supplies and instruction. Only $25 a person and all funds go into the CAP Fund. 

Contact Rita at: info@beforeanychildisharmed.org OR 269/317-1131

Cue Card Kids

This video portrays some of the problems that arise when parental use of substances interferes with taking care of their children. Parenting and partying are not a good mix. Just like you have designated drivers, parents need to make sure some is the designated parent so at least one person is available and sober to care for their children's needs and keep them safe.

Baby Wishes

Amazingly, babies can usually communicate what they need to us but we need to be paying attention to understand!

First Time Parent Risk Factors

Most parents need a little extra help when their children are born.  We also know it is very important that families with certain risk factors get that extra support to give their children a good beginning.

Home Sweet Home

Many communities have developed programs to support first-time and high-risk parents but getting parents connected to these programs remains a challenge.  

You Can Prevent Child Abuse

Each of us can do something to support families in our communities. 

Baby Brains: Handle with Care

The first three years of a child's life are so important. A good beginning enables us to handle whatever life throws at us down the road. 

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